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Nero is one of the Internet's oldest and most relied upon CD/DCD programs on the market. There are few people that haven't heard the name. Over the years, though, Nero has attempted to keep up with a growing list of competitive products by offering things such as its free version. You're going to miss many of the tools in the complete version, but with a price tag of $0, it's going to be worth it for many folks.

Installation of the free version of Nero needs to be something that you pay careful attention to, because to make up for the costs they lose by offering a free product, they've grouped in a lot of third-party advertisers to fill the bill. You can avoid installing this third party software by doing a custom installation that allows you to deny these parties from installing software on your computer.

The meat of the product, though, is and always will be its copying and ripping power, and this version of Nero gives you all the basics you need to create CDs and DVDs to your heart's content. The speed of burning CDs will be more than fast enough for the average Internet user and best of all, you can still get creative with your discs and put your own images in there if you desire.

If you want to create a burn list quickly, burn a CD or DVD with satisfactory speed, and do so for free, then Nero is a free version that gives you the power to do so. As long as you do a custom installation, you retain the power to turn down third party software that might cause headaches for you during your time online. It's a basic program that's true to its original vision and it's free. People that want more advanced features would do best looking elsewhere.

Nero is a complete multimedia suite for Windows operating systems. The intuitive software lets you easily copy, edit, stream, rip and convert audio, video (including full HD) and data content. You can burn content to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Nero lets you edit and touch up photographs, videos and audio files. You can convert audio and video formats, as well as create slideshows and photo albums. Nero can also stream media to other devices in your home using your home network. You can also use it to back up your data and to share media files online.

The system is very powerful and easy to use, but it requires a powerful CPU and plenty of RAM in order to operate smoothly.


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